Welcome to Watertight Solutions UK Ltd

At Watertight Solutions, we fix the problem and fix it permanently. We have over 16 years of experience in getting the job done, getting it done quickly and getting it done on budget.


Cracks in concrete that let in water cause problems for everyone.  When water leaks through cracks or through construction joints or simply through poorly placed concrete, not only does the concrete itself degrade but everything the water touches is damaged too. This can happen in car parks, basements, indeed anywhere that water can get to.


Few companies know, or have the experience to fix these problems. Even less companies can fix these problems with the skill and the care these properties deserve.

How we work

The starting point is to meet with one of our team who will survey the site and discuss the problems you are having. Watertight Solutions believe every problem is solvable and we will find a way to solve it. When we meet to survey the property we will discuss the options open to you.


We will explain what is needed to do to get the job done; how it will interfere with your schedule, how long it will take, possible complications and the result you can expect. Most importantly of all, we will also discuss the price and give you a fixed quotation so that you can decide if it is value for money.


Watertight Solutions also have a wide range of membranes to suit every situation. We provide the appropriate waterproofing materials to ensure that a watertight structure is achieved.